A tad different: Hungarian Fried Bread (Langos)

Hey readers,

So as you may know I am of Niuean decent but I love to try different types of food from other countries so this “A tad different” are going to be reviews on certain foods I wouldn’t normally go straight to.

So to start off “A tad different” one of my favorite foods I love to purchase from the markets here in NZ is a deep fried bread from Hungary called Langos. I love crispy bits on breads especially crispy bases for pizza’s so I think that’s one of the many reasons why I love Langos because of how some areas of the bread are crispy. Langos is basically fried dough which has been made into a flat form almost similar to a pizza base except deep fried.

Langos is delicious because of the toppings that are added onto the top. I would normally get the Sea Salt, Garlic and Cheese or the Sour Cream, Cheese and Ham. The Sea Salt really adds taste to the Langos because I’ve had it with just the Garlic and Cheese and it wasn’t as tasty because all my taste buds was really tasting was the Garlic which was disappointing. You can also get other toppings such as Tomato, Pesto & Feta Cheese with a bit of Garlic, I tried this one recently on Sunday but I admit, I’m not a big fan because the Tomato just made the Langos a bit soggy.


Over here in NZ we have a thing called the “Night Markets” and my local one is out in Papatoetoe and it’s my normal routine every Friday after work is to stop on the way home and grab 3, one for Rob and my mum (I got them into too). You can also grab one from Auckland CBD on Elliott Street. The best thing about it is the price, it ranges from $5 – $10NZD because it depends on what topping you get. If you like fried bread or crispy based pizza’s then I would suggest trying Langos because it is tasty as F@$%!!!

One time I had cravings for this bread and was tempted to try and make it, it wasn’t until I googled it and thought I would just leave to the professionals lol.





Besos Latinos Review

Besos Latinos

Elliott Stables

M16-41 Elliott St, Auckland CBD, NZ

Hey readers,

So the other night I went out for dinner with my friends at Besos Latinos and it was nice because it was definitely different and out of my comfort zone. It is a Latin based restaurant located in Elliott Stables. I had never been there before and I didn’t know what to expect so my assumptions were it was just like any other Mexican restaurant but boy was I wrong!

Right from the start as soon as you walk into the restaurant you immediately feel like you’re in a different country! You’re surrounded by a sea of bricks and Mexican decor which makes you feel like you’re in Mexico ready to order a bottle of Corona! There were also skeleton statues which celebrated the Day of the dead which I thought was pretty awesome, some may find it a bit creepy, there was also a water fountain in the middle of the restaurant which gave it an outdoor / indoor type of feeling without being outdoor at all!

The menu was great, very Latina. It had a range of classic Mexican food such as Tacos, Enchiladas, Quesadilla’s and of course Guacamole and Corn Chips. I ordered the Vegetarian Quesadilla and it was delicious! It had just the right amount of cheese and the vegetables were seasoned well. The food was great and the price was awesome because it was very affordable!

That same night there was a group there that was celebrating someone’s birthday and the waiters came out with Sombrero’s on and some wearing fake mustaches with trumpets and started to sing Happy Birthday in English and Spanish then one of the waiters put the Sombrero on the birthday girl, it was awesome to watch. The service was terrific, the waiters always made sure we were fine and that we were happy with our meals. Of course a Mexican restaurant is nothing without a bar and this restaurant definitely didn’t disappoint, however strong warning if you like your cocktails not as strong then let the waiter know because when it came to the cocktails it was like fireworks going off in your throat 😂

Overall I recommend paying this restaurant a visit, especially if you love your Mexican food or if you just feel like going on holiday because this place will definitely provide you with that feeling! It definitely left me feeling like I needed to book a flight to Cancun, Mexico!