Welcome 😊

Thanks for dropping by to Auckland Foodie, my name is Korina and I have a love / hate relationship with food, you see I love to cook and bake but then I don’t because sometime’s I am just too lazy but for some reason  most of the time I put an effort into what I am cooking or baking. I am 26 years old and have grown up around women who have always cooked from my nana who made traditional Niuean dishes and then to my mum who made Westernised meals, so growing up I was lucky to have the best of both worlds. Unfortunately I am only good at making Westernised food, however each time I try and make it with less oil and less fat. My guinea pig for all my meals and baked goods is my partner Rob who is pictured above so he will be included in most of my posts as well.

This blog is dedicated to me being a Foodie and will contain Reviews on some of my favourite places and recipes of some of my favourite meals I enjoy to eat.

Hope you enjoy!

Auckland Foodie – Korina




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