In & Out – Los Angeles

In & Out

9245 W. Venice Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90034

Hey readers,

So I thought I would kick off my non-Auckland restaurant reviews by starting with the well heard about US burger joint In & Out. Prior to travelling to the US we had friends and family urging us to stop by the popular take away place because it was that good so it was a MUST on our long list of things to try.

We first tried it in LA which was the first state we visited, we had to ask one of the local tour guides along Hollywood Boulevard where it was because the one we went to was off the strip so we had about a 10 minute walk. Lucky we did ask a tour guide because he let us in on a not so secret and that is if we ask for “Animal Fries” In & Out drizzles Cheese Sauce with grilled onions all over our fries. How is this a secret? Well “Animal Fries” is not advertised on their menu! But if you jump on their website they have a special “Not so secret” menu which has a few other options as well.


Once we found the restaurant, our friends and family were definitely right it was popular! We only just managed to get in the door because the restaurant itself was packed and busy and also the drive through. Then again we did go in at lunch time. The well established fast food chain first started in 1948 by husband and wife duo  Harry and Esther Snyder. Now it has expanded and there are now 300 In & Out restaurants in the US. My personal reason as to why it is successful is because it is exactly as the name suggest, even though when we walked into the restaurant and it was packed the service was as we like to say in New Zealand “Hard and Fast” and it’s not just because of the pace the workers were going at but it has a lot to do with their menu! Their menu is by far the most easiest menu to choose from I have ever seen because there is only 3 different types of burgers which means only 3 different types of combos to choose from. What makes it even more easier is the type of burgers they offer, Cheeseburger, Hamburger and their special a “Double – Double” which is basically just a double meat patty. This makes it so much easier for indecisive people such as myself!


Photo Credit: Google Images

Even though the restaurant was busy the service was very pleasant! The guy that served us behind the till was very friendly and the girl that called out the order numbers that were ready was very clear and loud considering how noisy the place was. We only just managed to find and Rob ordered a “Double – Double” combo and I just ordered a cheeseburger combo, the drinks are just like Burger King where you can refill your drink as many times as you like, I was excited to try their Raspberry Lemonade because it was pink and I had seen it so many times in the movies. However I was guttered because it ended up being too sweet. When we got our food I pleasantly surprised at how big the burgers actually were. They were a good size and they weren’t squashed like the Burger King Burgers you find here in NZ. The chips I found so tasty, they had a different taste compared to the standard French Fri, they tasted similar to Carl’s Jnr fries. The “Animal Fries” sauce which Rob ordered I personally didn’t find tasty, it tasted similar to the Big Mac sauce but splattered over Fries.

Overall my experience at In & Out was decent, it was just like any other fast food chain however this was an actual “FAST Food chain” which I loved. The food was tasty I would happily go back, however I found the food over rated, don’t get me wrong it was delicious and it didn’t taste like other fast food chain Cheeseburgers  but the experience was definitely memorable! It was so memorable me and Rob had to come back to New Zealand with In & Out T Shirts, YES they also have In & Out merchandise.





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